Hello wondrous, badass vocalist!

These courses are part of a community membership that I have created called ROAR!

The ROAR Community Membership is a monthly membership that gives you access to vocal training programs, live vocal workout challenges and many other resources focused on athletic voice science, soulful connection, vocal empowerment and community.

These courses are designed to guide you through a 30 Day experience. You do not workout every day, but this design is to help you build a daily habit of giving your voice the time and space it needs to grow.
Some days you will have a workout class, some days you will have a rehab and gentle stretch class and some days you will get a rest day video.

Every class is a video lesson created by me and the community site is a space where we can all connect, workout together, learn together and more.

Ok, you are so loved and you totally got this.

Anyone can sing, the voice is a muscle and muscles can be built.

All the love,


Hello you badass human! My name is Carol-Lynne Quinn (CQ), I am a Vocal Coach, Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist and a Vocologist.

I am the 2020 and 2021 vocal coach for the JUNO Master Class, Canada's Music Incubator and work with major label artists to badass humans beginning their vocal journey.

I train with a combination of Vocal Soul and Athletic Voice Science.

I use Athletic Voice Science techniques that focus on vocal health, rehabilitation, strength training, range expansion, lung expansion, flexibility, tone, effortless power and more. 

Vocal Soul first comes from the fact that I believe in vocal freedom, in authentic artistry and creating a safe placewhere you can discover your own beautiful, powerful voice.

My main focus is empowering you to reach any vocal goal you may have while making sure you remain who you are and keep your voice authentically yours. 

So, wondrous human! You are a badass, anyone can sing, the voice is a beautiful muscle that can grow.

All the love, let's unearth that ROAR!

- CQ