My Story

Hello you badass human! My name is Carol-Lynne Quinn (CQ), I am a Vocal Coach, Vocal Rehabilitation Specialist and a Vocologist.

I am the Vocal Coach for the JUNO Awards Master Class, Canada's Music Incubator and work with major label artists to badass humans beginning their vocal journey.

I train with a combination of Vocal Soul and Athletic Voice Science.

I use Athletic Voice Science techniques that focus on vocal health, rehabilitation, strength training, range expansion, lung expansion, flexibility, tone, effortless power and more. 

Vocal Soul first comes from the fact that I believe in vocal freedom, in authentic artistry and creating a safe placewhere you can discover your own beautiful, powerful voice.

My main focus is empowering you to reach any vocal goal you may have while making sure you remain who you are and keep your voice authentically yours. 

So, wondrous human! You are a badass, anyone can sing, the voice is a beautiful muscle that can grow.

All the love, let's unearth that ROAR!

- CQ